Q1: What have you experienced at CounterPlay that has inspired you?

This might sound a bit nebulous, but the main thing that CounterPlay has done for me is to help me refine my thinking around play. I’d been using games in my work / teaching for a while and was most interested in them as an opportunity to bring play into teaching. But I had only fairly recently tried to work out what I meant by play and playfulness (rather than games). CounterPlay helped me clarify my own thoughts further and has inspired me to take a much clearer playful approach to lots of things I’ve been doing recently! This includes not always trying to think of a “serious” excuse for play, as sometime “because I can” or “because it’s fun” is a good enough reason.

Q2: What is your motivation for coming back this year?

CounterPlay is the only conference I’ve ever attended where a giant cardboard rabbit gave a summing up of the conference. It was full of similarly wonderful, playful surprises and I’m most looking forward to experiencing more of those this year.
I’m also hoping to have a chance to think more about how we give people “permission to play”, especially in the dark times we seem to find ourselves.

Q3: Which activities in the program are you looking forward to at CounterPlay ‘17?

Not any specific activities at the moment… but instead, I’m looking forward to going to sessions on topics I wouldn’t normally consider. Perhaps wandering into the playful places like the “museum of random memories” because it looks interesting at the time. Oh, and challenging myself to think about things outside my comfort zone. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to play with ideas I wouldn’t normally be exposed to and to have the chance to reflect upon them, before taking them back to my “normal” work.

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