How do you get inspired to become a more playful version of yourself?

How do you help those around you to be as playful as they could be?

There are lots and lots of ways, of course, and we’ll try to collect some of the relevant materials on these pages:

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(Don’t do) Playwashing

“Playwashing describes the situation where a company or organization spends more time and money claiming to be “playful” through advertising and marketing than actually implementing strategies and business practices that cultivate a playful culture in said organization”
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Fun, trust and playfulness at work – is that actually allowed?

Is it supposed to be FUN to work? If I had FUN would I be doing my work seriously enough? Would I be concentrated while having FUN? Would I be ambitious enough if I said “YES, I am having FUN!”?
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Play as Participation

While it may seem trivial to say that play is about participation, it might not be that straightforward. To truly participate is to have some degree of power, and the same goes for play.
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A Playful Atmosphere

In the two previous posts I have written about "the diversity of play" and "the play community" as two factors to consider when aspiring to create a truly playful play festival. An even less controllable and tangible part of making a playful festival is the...
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The Play Community

In the previous post, I reflected on "the diversity of play" as one strategy for "inviting playfulness" by allowing people to approach play in a way that feels meaningful to them. While we can design for diversity in the way we represent play, and we can invite a...
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