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The “What/Why” of CounterPlay

Many people ask: “What is “CounterPlay”? Why should I consider participating?” Read more for an attempt at answering those questions.

Playing at the Edge

The theme of CounterPlay ’19 is “playing at the edge”, and we welcome different forms of proposals that reflect this in one way or another. As always, we are eager to explore play from as many different angles as possible, building on our three pillars: playful learning, playful working and playful living.

CounterPlay Manifesto

While retaining a fundamental openness, curiosity and the capacity to always learn more about the nature of play, with this manifesto we wish to put a stake in the ground and make our position on play clearly visible.



The Playful Society Prototype

The Playful Society Prototype

Maybe you have heard us talk about the CounterPlay festival as a "prototype" of the playful society. I'd like to dive a little deeper into that idea, since it's basically the most important reason for the festival to exist. It's our BIG dream to contribute to a strong...

#playchallenge17 1: The floor is made of lava

#playchallenge17 1: The floor is made of lava

JOIN OUR PLAY CHALLENGE!! The CounterPlay Festival 2017 is only five weeks away! To celebrate this, we have a created a number of small challenges to honour ‘The Power of Play.’ Each week we will post a new challenge for you to participate in. All challenges will...

The Global Play Community

The Global Play Community

Cultivating a diverse play community where people are actively participating to explore and spread play is probably our best bet to foster a strong movement towards a more playful world.

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What if playful people are better equipped to live good lives together in this messy, chaotic world?