CounterPlay is an annual international festival of play & games, that took place for the first time in Aarhus on April 3 & 4, 2014.

Come & play again in 2015!

Shot from the opening of CounterPlay - by zo-ii

Time to leave Aarhus! Thank you @mathiaspoulsen for making #CounterPlay14 happen! Wonderful event, lovely people. See you next year!


Two playful and inspiring days at #CounterPlay14 . Thank you @mathiaspoulsen and everyone there. Slightly zombified = mission accomplished.

Christina Majcher

@mathiaspoulsen @ksevik Thank you for an awesome experience, looking forward to the next edition of #counterplay14.

Jørund Høie Skaug

Had a fantastic time at #CounterPlay14. Lots of inspiring talks and amazing people. Thanks to @mathiaspoulsen for making it happen.

Hayley Sanderson

Had a really great time at #CounterPlay14. BIG thanks to @mathiaspoulsen for making it happen, and to all who participated in my “class”!

Tobias Staaby

Brilliant event @mathiaspoulsen ! I have to run to the airport, but looking very much forward for #counterplay15

Santeri Koivisto

@mathiaspoulsen ill bet you that there will be epic demand for tickets for #counterplay15 you will need more space! #CounterPlay14 was epic

Aske Lund

.@mathiaspoulsen wraps up an outstanding first (and experimental) #counterplay14 with the perfect background

Alex Moseley

Thanks to everyone at #CounterPlay14 for a great couple of days. Espec. @mathiaspoulsen for making it happen. /hattip & round of applause

André Chercka

From the blog:

The local roots of CounterPlay

There’s not much news about CounterPlay ’15 yet, but things are starting to happen, and based on the successful first edition with 150 wonderful people, I have a lot of ideas for next year. So many things I want to do better next time, and so many new...

Our stories from play

At CounterPlay ’14, Jesper Krogh Kristiansen did a presentation about the way we write and talk about games. Traditionally, there’s been a heavy focus on technology when writing about video games, but this is not really what most people really care about...
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