CounterPlay ‘19: Playing at the Edge

International Play Festival
April 4th – 6th 2019
Dokk1, Aarhus, Denmark

CounterPlay ’19: Playing at the Edge

Where: Dokk1, Aarhus, Denmark

When: April 4th – April 6th 2019

The CounterPlay festival invites playful people from around the world to join the most caring, generous, inclusive and vibrant play community on a remarkable journey into the world of play. We welcome everyone eager to understand play better, no matter your background. If you wish to learn more about why play is essential for learning, working and living, this is for you. 

Blog & News

The “What/Why” of CounterPlay

Many people ask: “What is “CounterPlay”? Why should I consider participating?” Read more for an attempt at answering those questions.

Playing at the Edge

The theme of CounterPlay ’19 is “playing at the edge”, and we welcome different forms of proposals that reflect this in one way or another. As always, we are eager to explore play from as many different angles as possible, building on our three pillars: playful learning, playful working and playful living.

CounterPlay Manifesto

While retaining a fundamental openness, curiosity and the capacity to always learn more about the nature of play, with this manifesto we wish to put a stake in the ground and make our position on play clearly visible.

The Politics of Play

Some might say that this whole thing about “play and democracy” is a misunderstanding, forcing play into a space, where it doesn’t belong: the realm of politics. What if play is already always political by nature?

Recognizing the Other

I recently asked if play can save democracy, marking the first steps on my journey to explore what I already at the outset consider a deep kinship shared by play and democracy. As promised, there is no clear answer in sight, but some patterns and questions are...

Danish posts:

Sæt legen i centrum

Fra en pædagogisk temadag i Hillerød, der havde fået titlen “Sæt legen i centrum”. Det var en skøn formiddag med en masse leg, refleksion og samtaler om leg. Sikke dog en herlig flok dygtige, engagerede pædagoger, der i den grad vil legen, og som har mod på at tage livtag med de små og store udfordringer, de møder hver dag.

Tanker fra en ”LegeEdCamp”

I lørdags havde jeg sammen med gode legekammerater samlet en flok legesyge mennesker på Københavns Professionshøjskole: Campus Carlsberg til den første danske ”LegeEdCamp”. De gode folk hos BUPL havde gavmildt støttet med penge til forplejning, så dagen var gratis for...

Demokratiske Legelaboratorier

“Demokratiske dannelsesprocesser foregår ikke let som en leg, for ingen leg er let. Men de begynder i leg” (Toft & Hansen, 2017)Vi oplever i disse år en bekymrende “demokratisk recession”, der rammer de fleste, hvis ikke alle, af verdens demokratier, de unge og...

What if playful people are better equipped to live good lives together in this messy, chaotic world?


Work with us:

CounterPlay Festival

Since the first CounterPlay Festival in 2014, we have been aiming to turn the festival into a strong international community and an ambitious forum for exploring, supporting and spreading play. 

CounterPlay Consulting

Based on our experiences, insights and community from the international CounterPlay festival, we are now offering new formats and activities to bring play to a wider range of settings. In addition, we are also working with external partners and clients, providing solutions based on our understanding of play.

Play Think Tank

We have established a national Danish play think tank with central stakeholders public institutions and private companies, from play research and play practice. It is becoming a strong platform for examining and supporting play across society and the lifespan.