The Problem with Playgrounds

The idea about the playground is a wonderful thing. It shows that we care so much about play that we design spaces to create the best possible conditions for play to thrive. Playgrounds are, in principle, a love letter to play. At the same time, many playgrounds are...
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Play as Participation

While it may seem trivial to say that play is about participation, it might not be that straightforward. To truly participate is to have some degree of power, and the same goes for play.

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A Playful Atmosphere

In the two previous posts I have written about “the diversity of play” and “the play community” as two factors to consider when aspiring to create a truly playful play festival. An even less controllable and tangible part of making a playful...
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The Play Community

In the previous post, I reflected on “the diversity of play” as one strategy for “inviting playfulness” by allowing people to approach play in a way that feels meaningful to them. While we can design for diversity in the way we represent play,...
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Making a play festival playful

It’s been a while since the third CounterPlay festival ended, but we’re still extremely excited that so many wonderful people came from all around the world to play and we still feel the energy. We’ve been evaluating and reflecting on the event, including question of what actually makes a play festival like CounterPlay truly playful?

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CounterPlay ’16 is over, and it was the most diverse and playful festival yet. A big THANK YOU to all of the wonderful people, who came and played with us!

CounterPlay is one of the few public events that brings together people from widely divergent disciplines, and yet are united by their devotion to making the world a little more playful. Bringing them together like this, to play and talk and share each other’s vision, creates an unforgettably playful, creative and productive environment and helps all of them to find a larger and more inclusive perspective on their work.

Bernie DeKoven