CounterPlay ’16 takes place on April 14-16 2016

Thursday & Friday

The two first days of CounterPlay ’16, Thursday the 14th and Friday the 15th of April, is packed with keynotes, workshops and playful sessions. These will be running in parallel tracks from morning until the afternoon.

We are concerned that people don’t have enough opportunities to be playful, and that this will negatively impact everything from quality of life and work to society as a whole.

CounterPlay ’16 is exploring “play when it’s difficult” in order to better understand and overcome the numerous challenges that risk making all of us less playful. Under this headline, we are developing a number of themes:

These themes revolve around four central questions that is investigated through keynotes and interactive sessions, where you get to play, create and debate:

  • What is play?
  • Why is play important?
  • When is play difficult?
  • How do you intend to create opportunities to play?

Be aware that the call for proposals is still open, a lot of content is being added, and we may revise and add themes in the coming weeks.


The third day of the festival is dedicated to the “Play Summit”, which is organized as an “unconference”, where the participants contribute to shaping the agenda.

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Dangerous & chaotic play

Play is often particularly satisfying and joyful when it takes place at the borders of what is considered safe; when we play with risk, chaos and danger.
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Designing the Playful Library

Libraries remain one of the most important arenas for widespread, free public access to culture and knowledge, and they can further solidify this position by being playful.
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Developing a Language of Play

Talking about play is not as easy as you might think and the lack of a common language makes it difficult to provide clear arguments for the benefits of play.
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Making education playful

Play is being marginalized in education in a desire to measure and control outcomes, which is a huge problem, when play is tied to some of the most important traits and skills.
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Playful Art & Culture

When art and culture merges with play, a new language and opportunity space is created with new ways of describing, participating in and influencing the world.
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Playful Leadership

Playfulness is frequently omitted as a trait central to good leadership, when it should instead be considered essential in a world in constant flux.
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Playspace & Playful Events

Counterplay ‘16 will host a playspace that spreads across all the open space of Dokk1 and includes a range of playful events, activities, designs and products.
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Reconfiguring the Playful Maker

In the playful processes of making we rethink and reconfigure the ways in which we connect with and shape the world, allowing the playful maker to have a real impact on society.
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Transforming Smart & Playful Cities

Through the playful planning process, the purpose of the city will be renegotiated in a new light, and transforming cities with play will put people in the center,
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