Get ready for CounterPlay ’17!

We’re summoning the most playful community from all around the world to meet and play at Dokk1, Aarhus, Denmark, on March 30th – April 1st, 2017.
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Join us for CounterPlay '17

How can play facilitate a stronger sense of agency and become a catalyst of adaptability and change? In what ways can play inspire and encourage us to question the status quo and challenge the rules? When will our innate playfulness spark our imagination and curiosity, and will it enable us to see that the world could be transformed into something else?

For the 4th time, people from all around the world come together for three days of talking, thinking, dancing, making, learning and playing. With a program more diverse than ever, you will have the opportunity to explore how to learn, work and live more playfully.

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Registration for CounterPlay ’17 is open. Why not head over there now? For the fee, you three full days with access to 50+ sessions with amazing people from around the world, including keynotes, workshops and playful events, interactive play spaces, networking, full catering during the festival (lunch each day, fruit, cake, coffee/tea, water), festival dinner Thursday evening etc. Your participation is also an invaluable investment in the growing playful community for the benefit of us all. You can choose to pay by card or by receiving an invoice (also via EAN). The former is our preferred method, as it is easier for you and for us (it runs automatically, while the latter requires a manual process in both ends).

The Playful Society Prototype

Maybe you have heard us talk about the CounterPlay festival as a "prototype" of the playful society. I'd like to dive a little deeper into that idea, since it's basically the most important reason for the festival to exist. It's our BIG dream to contribute to a strong...
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#playchallenge17 1: The floor is made of lava

JOIN OUR PLAY CHALLENGE!! The CounterPlay Festival 2017 is only five weeks away! To celebrate this, we have a created a number of small challenges to honour ‘The Power of Play.’ Each week we will post a new challenge for you to participate in. All challenges will...
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The Global Play Community

Cultivating a diverse play community where people are actively participating to explore and spread play is probably our best bet to foster a strong movement towards a more playful world.
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Play to Live

I'm not an expert in brevity, to say the least, but here I'll try to clarify one little thing without too many detours and without going deep into the (important and fascinating) available literature: the purpose of play. Easy, right? There's this constant discussion...
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Playing With Power – an Invitation

Play is powerful as play allows us to play with power, to challenge power, to be subversive and rebellious. This is an invitation to share your insights, experiences and ideas on playing with power.
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Meet our ambassadors

What is this?

CounterPlay is an NGO that organizes an annual festival and related initiatives to facilitate conversations about play and support a movement towards a more playful society. We believe playfulness can help us live better lives together in this complex world, so we create spaces and opportunities for all of us to learn how.

We offer a standing invitation to join an open, inspiring, vibrant and diverse community of playful people from all around the world. The festival is supposed to be a prototype of the “playful society”, where we explore what it would mean to learn, work and live more playfully.

We embrace play as a complex phenomenon full of ambiguity that effectively resist any one definition. Instead of trying to find the “one true” meaning of play, we collect and present as many perspectives and meanings as possible; from all over society, and from research as well as practice.

CounterPlay is one of the few public events that brings together people from widely divergent disciplines, and yet are united by their devotion to making the world a little more playful. Bringing them together like this, to play and talk and share each other’s vision, creates an unforgettably playful, creative and productive environment and helps all of them to find a larger and more inclusive perspective on their work.

Bernie DeKoven

Ranks among the very best conference/festival I have attended (over a long professional life!). What inspired me most was the camaraderie, the ease of conversation and exchange as if we had all known each other for decades, the lack of pretension anywhere.

Geraldine Katz