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Come & play again on April 9 & 10, 2015

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CounterPlay only exists because the first edition was met with overwhelming support from amazing people.

The festival remains open to any suggestions, and will only survive & thrive as long as you want to play along.

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Shot from the opening of CounterPlay - by zo-ii

Time to leave Aarhus! Thank you @mathiaspoulsen for making #CounterPlay14 happen! Wonderful event, lovely people. See you next year!


Two playful and inspiring days at #CounterPlay14 . Thank you @mathiaspoulsen and everyone there. Slightly zombified = mission accomplished.

Christina Majcher

@mathiaspoulsen @ksevik Thank you for an awesome experience, looking forward to the next edition of #counterplay14.

Jørund Høie Skaug

Had a fantastic time at #CounterPlay14. Lots of inspiring talks and amazing people. Thanks to @mathiaspoulsen for making it happen.

Hayley Sanderson

Had a really great time at #CounterPlay14. BIG thanks to @mathiaspoulsen for making it happen, and to all who participated in my “class”!

Tobias Staaby

Brilliant event @mathiaspoulsen ! I have to run to the airport, but looking very much forward for #counterplay15

Santeri Koivisto

@mathiaspoulsen ill bet you that there will be epic demand for tickets for #counterplay15 you will need more space! #CounterPlay14 was epic

Aske Lund

.@mathiaspoulsen wraps up an outstanding first (and experimental) #counterplay14 with the perfect background

Alex Moseley

Thanks to everyone at #CounterPlay14 for a great couple of days. Espec. @mathiaspoulsen for making it happen. /hattip & round of applause

André Chercka

From the blog:

Venue & date confirmed

TLDR (or what you need to know)CounterPlay ’15 will be hosted by the Kaospilots in Filmbyen on April 9 & 10. Not long ago, I had to accept that CounterPlay ’15 couldn’t be hosted by my friends at the main library here in Aarhus, as their new home,...

The local roots of CounterPlay

There’s not much news about CounterPlay ’15 yet, but things are starting to happen, and based on the successful first edition with 150 wonderful people, I have a lot of ideas for next year. So many things I want to do better next time, and so many new...