What people say about CounterPlay

CounterPlay is one of the few public events that brings together people from widely divergent disciplines, and yet are united by their devotion to making the world a little more playful. Bringing them together like this, to play and talk and share each other’s vision, creates an unforgettably playful, creative and productive environment and helps all of them to find a larger and more inclusive perspective on their work.

Bernie DeKoven

Fun Theorist, Deep Fun

Ranks among the very best conference/festival I have attended (over a long professional life!). What inspired me most was the camaraderie, the ease of conversation and exchange as if we had all known each other for decades, the lack of pretension anywhere.

Geraldine Katz

Counterplay is the place to be for playful people who are curious to new insights, new people and new adventures. It’s a journey, on both a personal level and on the level of the community. Counterplay = a way to transform the I into WE.

Stephan Marchant

To participate in CounterPlay Festival is like entering into a candy store where you have been giving permission to try all your favorite sweets – also the purple squared once you did not know that you liked 🙂

Heidi Hautopp

Counter play was an unusual and wonderfully playful mix of experiences. It is the only conference I’ve been to that involved Marimba dancing before the first talk of the day, a (genuine) clown giving a keynote, and a summary of the conference by a giant cardboard rabbit. Playful, inspirational and invigorating, Counterplay was an amazing event to be part of. By the way, tig, you’re on.

Andrew Walsh

I was inspired by the variety of people – ages, nationalities, interests, approaches – for whom playfulness and play are so key. There was such a powerful sense of a global community and a growing movement. I brought back renewed energy and enthusiasm and lots of happy memories.

Mel Taylor

Playful Being

Counterplay is the first conference I have that succeeds in engaging participants in activities and not just sitting around and listening. At Counterplay I learned, discussed and played with interesting subjects, music and people, and I left with new friends and inspiration. I would recommend all playful souls to participate in Counterplay.

Martin Dyrman Hansen

I loved it. It was a wonderful experience to meet (and play!) with so many kindred spirits. The talks and workshops were inspiring, and the chance encounters, conversations and playful in-between moments were wonderful.

Jessica Penrose

Playful Being