Volunteer for CounterPlay

We’re making society more playful – do you want to help us?

We think more people should be allowed to play and engage with the world and life in more playful ways. To achieve this, the CounterPlay festival aims to create more opportunities to play, cultivate playful communities across borders and boundaries and drive a movement towards a more playful society. Since 2014, the festival has been evolving and improving, and our efforts are increasingly recognised around the world.

We couldn’t have gotten where we are today without the amazing effort of a growing number of brilliant volunteers. Some are working with us for a longer period of time, while others step in to help us during the festival; all of them are making a huge difference.

We are always looking for volunteers to join our playful adventures, and we have established 4 groups to take care of the primary tasks in organising the festival. You can join one or more of these teams, and you can put in as much or as little work as you feel like. Some of our volunteers are students, some are not. Everyone is welcome, and we are always working to increase the diversity of the community – including those who organise the event.

Read more about the teams you can join:

Curation & Events

How do we make the festival more engaging and playful? Do you want to help shape the program for the festival? Are you interested in developing new playful events and formats?

We organise the festival in open conversations with many different people and organisations, and we usually have an open “call for proposals”, where we receive wonderful contributions from all around the world. You can help us facilitate this process, work with those proposing activities for the festival, find interesting and playful people to invite, and develop new formats and events.

PR & Communication

How do we make the most of our website and relevant social media? How do we get people talking and interacting with us? How do we break out of the “bubbles” we are often caught in?

Help us spread the word, raise awareness and invite more people to join the conversation about play and playfulness. We love experimenting with new ways of reaching out, and of telling our stories, and we appreciate playful approaches.

Strategy & Funding

Are you interested in developing the long term strategy for CounterPlay, and in exploring how we can develop better funding opportunities to make the strategy and our vision possible?

To ensure the ongoing life of the festival, we keep working on our strategy, but also our “business model”: how do we make the festival financially sustainable without compromising our ideals and dreams?

Production & Logistics

The festival has become a fairly big event, and there are many important logistical and practical issues to handle: How do we use DOKK1 to its full potential, giving our participants a coherent experience? What is the best way to help people with travel and accomodation? How do we make food a more integrated part of the playful experience?

There are many questions to answer and specific tasks to take care of, but also quite a bit of room to play around with creative solutions.

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