On Wednesday, December 7, we discussed “play in public spaces”, and wow, what an amazing conversation!

This is the third chat, and it’s been wonderful to see how “new” people keep joining the community. Twitter is particularly good for this because it is so open, and people can just drop in at any time, when they notice that something is going on – like Iain here did:

While we’re not so interested in the size of the community as such, we’re very interested in the diversity and the range of perspectives represented. There were so many valuable points being made about the nature and importance of play in public spaces, as well as the challenges we are facing and possible (very creative!) solutions:

See our questions and the collection of tweets below:

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Mathias Poulsen

I think a playful mindset is essential for us to live better lives together. I organise the CounterPlay Festival to cultivate a #playfulsociety.

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