Other Initiatives

While the festival remains our biggest event for the foreseeable future, we’re doing everything we can to pursue our big dream: the playful society.

We do that by creating more opportunities for people to play, and, more importantly, by cultivating a playful community across borders and boundaries. None of us can fight for play by ourself, and it’s all too easy to feel alone, silly even, when you argue that play is important. We must come together, share our passion and ideas, in inspiring conversations and exchanges, and we need to experiment with technologies and formats to that end.

Here you can follow the experiments that develop alongside the festival:

Book Project

Inspired and enthused by the amazing energy and playful attitudes demonstrated by the participants at the CounterPlay ‘16 festival, we have decided to create a book that is playful in both form and substance. So many thoughts and ideas were shared and developed, and now we wish to collect, present and explore those in more depth. At the same time, we want to broaden the community and the conversations by inviting more people to read along, participate and contribute.