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This is the most current edition of the timetable for CounterPlay ’17. It should work just fine on all devices, but you will (surprise!) see more on a bigger screen, so make sure to (also) take a look when you’re on a tablet or computer.

Wednesday, March 29th

The day before the festival really begins, we’ll be hosting an informal arrival lounge at DOKK1 for those of you who get here early. In the evening, we’ll go have an informal dinner together as well.

Thursday, March 30th

On Thursday, March 30th, and Friday, March 31th, the programme is packed with community sessions, keynotes/talks, debates, workshops and play sessions. Everything in the “closed sessions” is taking place in closed rooms, and those are reserved for registrered participants, while the “Play Space Events” is in the open spaces and open for anybody interested.

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Festival Dinner

After a long & eventful first day at CounterPlay, we’re having having dinner together at the super cozy and rather playful Aarhus Street Food.

Friday, March 31st

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End of Friday

We hope many people are staying for Saturday, and after the end of the second day, we’ll organize informal activities and dinner.

Saturday, April 1st

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At the last day of CounterPlay ’17, we’re hosting an unconference to facilitate discussions and further exploration of our opportunities for collaboration and creating real change.

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