The CounterPlay Festival 2017 is only five weeks away! To celebrate this, we have a created a number of small challenges to honour ‘The Power of Play.’

Each week we will post a new challenge for you to participate in. All challenges will invite you to incorporate playfulness in your everyday life. All you need is a camera, your creativity and playfulness. Feel free to elaborate on the idea behind the picture you post.

Use the hashtags #playchallenge17 and #cplay17 when you post your photos or videos to your chosen social media platform (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter).


This week we would like to see your interpretation of the popular game “The Floor Is Made of Lava”. Play with your colleagues at work, your family at home, your friends in the park, your study mates at a lecture or create something fun with the theme yourself – anything will do, the sky (or floor) is the limit!

We hope that you will join us and start the fun before the festival kicks off! Let the fun begin!!

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Mathias Poulsen

I think a playful mindset is essential for us to live better lives together. I organise the CounterPlay Festival to cultivate a #playfulsociety.

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