CounterPlay Manifesto

While retaining a fundamental openness, curiosity and the capacity to always learn more about the nature of play, with this manifesto we wish to put a stake in the ground and make our position on play clearly visible.

Interview with Petra Stocker, Pro Juventute

Interview with Petra Stocker, Pro Juventute, about the Pro Juventute Play Festival 2018, which takes place in Biel, Switzerland, on May 25th and 26th.

The Player as Funambulist

While a funambulist and a player knows that any state of equilibrium can only ever be momentary, a proper citizen in 2018 is taught to believe that if only the right systems, models and rules are applied and followed, no balancing is required.

Struggling in a ROI Society

I gave a talk at “Spilbar” at the National Film School of Denmark yesterday titled ”‘I’m just playing'; the radical act of expecting nothing in return” (follow link for my presentation), where I made an attempt to connect some of the thoughts and questions...

Playfully Subverting Tech Fetishism

We’ve gotten so used to being surrounded by technology that we often seem to not even pay attention to its presence. This is not (just) a good thing. Maybe play can remind us what it means to be human?

Pro Juventute Play Festival 2018

CounterPlay is collaborating with the Swiss youth organisation “Pro Juventute” to run a play festival with a particular focus on play in public. It takes place on May 25 and May 26, 2018.

Danish posts:

Det Legende Menneske som Dannelsesideal

Lad os tale lidt om dannelse. På den ene side virker det som om dannelse har fået en renæssance, hvor begrebet dukker op i alle mulige sammenhænge. Mange taler om dannelse, og det er som udgangspunkt glædeligt, for dannelse er på flere måder en forudsætning for gode...

Det Legende Bibliotek

Biblioteker over hele verden er i fuld gang med at genopfinde sig selv, nu hvor udlån af materialer fylder mindre og mindre. I den sammenhæng kan man spørge sig selv om biblioteker kan og bør være mere legende?

Leg er Fremtiden

Om høringen “Børn, uddannelse og den nye industrielle revolution”, som var arrangeret af International Play Associations danske afdeling, professionshøjskolen UCC og MF Ida Auken, Radikale Venstre.

We think playful people are better equipped to live good lives together in this messy, chaotic world


Work with us:

CounterPlay Festival

Since the first CounterPlay Festival in 2014, we have been aiming to turn the festival into a strong international community and an ambitious forum for exploring, supporting and spreading play. The next festival will now take place every other year, so we’ll be back in 2019, but in the meantime we’ll be experimenting with a wide range of similar events.

CounterPlay Consulting

Based on our experiences, insights and community from the international CounterPlay festival, we are now developing new formats and activities to bring play to a wider range of settings. In addition, we are also working with external partners and clients, providing solutions based on our understanding of play.

Play Think Tank

We are working on establishing a national Danish play think tank with central stakeholders from our network. It is our intention to create a strong platform for examining and supporting play across society.