Materials and Junk-yard Play

Together with our friends Helle Marie Skovbjerg and Ann Charlotte Thorsted, we have formed a small play club and we recently hosted our second event to play with materials and celebrate junk-yard playgrounds.

From Biel with love

When I came home from the Pro Juventute play festival a few weeks ago, my head was full of impressions, thoughts and ideas – as it always happens after participating in lovely play events. I was particularly struck by the “Playable Esplanade”, where so much joyous play took place.

Celebrating Play Professors

May 1st Helle Marie Skovbjerg, along with her Dutch colleague, Tilde Bekker, gave their inaugural lectures at Design School Kolding. Both of them were to be professors of play – amazing! – and I had been invited to bring some play to the party!

The Player as Funambulist

While a funambulist and a player knows that any state of equilibrium can only ever be momentary, a proper citizen in 2018 is taught to believe that if only the right systems, models and rules are applied and followed, no balancing is required.

Well Played, Bernie

My dear friend, Bernie DeKoven, is now at rest, but I’m sure he continues merrily down that playful path of his. While I’m saddened by his departure, it makes me smile to think of him and his incredible legacy.

Danish posts:

Skab Rum til Leg

Hvordan skaber man rum til leg i en verden, hvor legen ofte bliver trængt?   Det spørgsmål stillede vi sammen med legeforskerne Helle Marie Skovbjerg og Ann Charlotte Thorsted på arrangementet "Skab Rum til Leg", der foregik d. 6/12 i Lottes "Play Lab" på...

Efter CounterPlay ’17: Mere Leg i Samfundet

Det har aldrig været meningen, at CounterPlay “bare” skulle være en festival, men derimod en katalysator for mere leg. Vi tror inderligt på, at vi kan bringe nogle festivalens principper, oplevelser og stemninger i spil i andre dele af samfundet.

Det Legende Menneske som Dannelsesideal

Lad os tale lidt om dannelse. På den ene side virker det som om dannelse har fået en renæssance, hvor begrebet dukker op i alle mulige sammenhænge. Mange taler om dannelse, og det er som udgangspunkt glædeligt, for dannelse er på flere måder en forudsætning for gode...

We think playful people are better equipped to live good lives together in this messy, chaotic world


Work with us:

CounterPlay Festival

Since the first CounterPlay Festival in 2014, we have been aiming to turn the festival into a strong international community and an ambitious forum for exploring, supporting and spreading play. The next festival will now take place every other year, so we’ll be back in 2019, but in the meantime we’ll be experimenting with a wide range of similar events.

CounterPlay Consulting

Based on our experiences, insights and community from the international CounterPlay festival, we are now developing new formats and activities to bring play to a wider range of settings. In addition, we are also working with external partners and clients, providing solutions based on our understanding of play.

Play Think Tank

We are working on establishing a national Danish play think tank with central stakeholders from our network. It is our intention to create a strong platform for examining and supporting play across society.