CounterPlay Leeds #3 – Action!

When hosting or participating in play events, I always aim to 1) play, 2) think about play and 3) talk about play. As part of the latter, I find it important to have a conversation about the future: where do we go from here? How do we create better conditions for play and the playful society?

CounterPlay Leeds #2 – Themes

Now it’s time to explore the central themes as they emerged through play at the recent CounterPlay Leeds festival!

CounterPlay Leeds #1 – Context

What happens when CounterPlay is brought to a completely different setting in another country? CounterPlay Leeds was our first experiment with “satellite” festivals and it was a BLAST!

Playful Philly

A while back, I was invited to train a group of instructors, who would be leading six play camps across branches of the Free Library of Philadelphia. "Teach them about play", my friend Joel requested, and of course I immediately said yes. The training week took...

Designing CounterPlay

This post is an attempt to capture the essence of CounterPlay, the principles underlying the festival and the connection to play. Part of it is a description of what we have been doing since the beginning, while part of it remains more of an ideal for our future work.

Danish posts:

Leg er Fremtiden

Om høringen “Børn, uddannelse og den nye industrielle revolution”, som var arrangeret af International Play Associations danske afdeling, professionshøjskolen UCC og MF Ida Auken, Radikale Venstre.

Design, Kommunikation & Leg

Hvordan kan vi bruge gamification og (især) playful design til at udvikle vores uddannelser, så de i højere grad klæder mennesker på til at være til i en omskiftelig verden, og skabe meningsfulde liv for os selv og hinanden?


Work with us:

CounterPlay Festival

Since the first CounterPlay Festival in 2014, we have been aiming to turn the festival into a strong international community and an ambitious forum for exploring, supporting and spreading play. The next festival will now take place every other year, so we’ll be back in 2019, but in the meantime we’ll be experimenting with a wide range of similar events.

CounterPlay Consulting

Based on our experiences, insights and community from the international CounterPlay festival, we are now developing new formats and activities to bring play to a wider range of settings. In addition, we are also working with external partners and clients, providing solutions based on our understanding of play.

Play Think Tank

We are working on establishing a national Danish play think tank with central stakeholders from our network. It is our intention to create a strong platform for examining and supporting play across society.

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